"What would you like to orderskip today?"

Why Skip?
Could you skip your morning coffee to feed a hungry toddler? How about skipping that after-work wine to buy enough therapeutic milk to save a young life? Imagine providing an entire box of super nutritious food to malnourished children, just by skipping Friday night takeaways!    

There’s a famine happening right now in South Sudan. As the only organisation providing ready-to-eat therapeutic food there, UNICEF will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children this year.

We’re asking you to skip a treat and donate that money to an amazing cause. It's so easy. 

What will you skip to save children's lives?

    Spread the word about #SkipToSaveLives!

    It's not just a campaign, it's a movement to save lives
    A social initiative by UNICEF New Zealand